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The Bianca Law Offices specialize in personal injury and worker's compensation claims. If you or someone you know has been injured, then you already know the hoops insurance companies ask you to jump though. This is their way of making your claim more difficult to file. Fortunately, the staff at Bianca Law Firm is trained to understand the issues and how those issues are resolved. They also can help you seek proper compensation -- usually far more than the settlement the insurance company initially offers.


"No amount of money can take away the harm. We aim to arrive at a point where you can put the incident behind you. You never "win" a case because when you are injured and have lost your health. There are no winners.


The Case is settled when and only when the responsible party or their insurance company agrees to pay fair and justifiable compensation."
-- Rusty Bianca.


Bianca Law Firm focuses on claims involving:

If you have been negligently injured at the hands of another, you are entitled to monetary compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages and or medical expenses. The Bianca Law Firm will ensure you receive the fair and honest compensation for your injuries that you and your family are entitled to.


Your Case Explained

Know the Ins and Outs


Considered a teaching lawyer, Mr. Bianca prides himself on explaining the nuts and bolts of each case to the client. This is your life. You need information that makes sense to you-- not legal jargon. During initial interviews, Mr. Bianca will lay your case out in a way that you can understand.


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Honest Appraisals

Get the truth


Workers compensation law is convoluted and complex. Be wary of lawyers that try to tell you how much your case is worth before they examine the case. There is no way to know how much compensation can be expected until the facts of the case have been examined, researched and verified.


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If you or someone you know has been injured on the job or in an accident, you must act quickly. The Bianca Law Firm will help you understand your case and explain your options. Insurance companies want you to wait. Rusty Bianca will not let them take advantage of you.
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